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JCPenney Shopping Tips

JCPenney.com is one of the leading retail hypermarkets in the United States. It belongs to multi-brand stores and has a very good reputation among consumers. It is distinguished by the largest catalog of various home goods, a huge selection of clothes and shoes of various fashion trends, a variety of children's collections and a very affordable pricing policy.

JCPenney Storefront

For the convenience of users, the site is composed of several main sections, which can be divided into groups:

  • "Women", "Men" - respectively, women's and men's goods: clothing, shoes, accessories, wedding items and leisure accessories, cosmetics, perfumes. Sort by size, brand, category, style.
JCPenney Storefront
  • "Jcpteen", "Kids", "Baby", "Toys" - products for children of all ages: clothes, shoes, underwear, school uniforms, stationery, toys and educational games, gifts and electronics, children's furniture, strollers, car seats, hygiene products and items for daily care of babies.
JCPenney Kid's Clothing
  • "Jewerly", "Gifts + registry" - jewelry, gifts. A wide range of jewelry products: from inexpensive jewelry costing from $15-20 to exclusive products with diamonds at a price of $3,000 and above. It also offers wedding rings and exquisite jewelry storage boxes. A huge selection of gifts for all occasions and special occasions. Using the "registry" option, you can order a gift decoration for the purchased goods - with a congratulation and the name of the addressee.
JCPenney Fine & Fashion Watches
  • "Home store" is the most voluminous section. Household appliances and electronics, furniture for home and office, interior and decor items, carpets, dishes and bedding, lamps and lamps, products with sports symbols and much more - all that will add comfort and coziness to your home.
JCPenney Home Store

At JCPenney, prices look very attractive. Good things of famous brands can be purchased for a tiny amount here. For example, popular Levi’s jeans will cost you only $14-$50. And a stylish women's coat from designer collections is quite realistic to buy for $60 - $120.

An abundance of discounts makes shopping at jcpenney.com even more profitable. Here you can purchase everything you need for arranging your home and for all your near and dear ones, while significantly saving the family budget. At final sales, discounts reach 80%, the site even has a special catalog where products are collected at a price below $10. Moreover, all things are of excellent quality and appearance.

JCPenney 80% OFF Discount

JCPenney Shopping Tips

Be on the lookout for clearance price tags

If you see a tag with a small pink sticker on it and the price ends in 7, these are two indicators that the item is a clearance item. JCPenney typically puts their new clearance markdowns on the floor on the first and third Friday of every month, so schedule your shopping trips around these times!

JCPenney Clearance Price Tag

Stack your JCPenney coupons

There are three types of coupons available at JCPenney: discount coupons, Rewards coupons, and free shipping coupons. Unlike many other stores, JCPenney allows you to use all three of these coupons in one single transaction, applied in that order. Stacking all three of these, in addition to using your cash-back app, will provide you with the best possible discount.

Be on the lookout for coupons

Always check your local newspaper for JCPenney coupons, especially around the holidays. Trust us, they’re in there! In addition, the next time you’re in a JCPenney store, be sure to grab a coupon booklet, as they are filled with tons of coupons that can be used both online and in-store.

JCPenney Coupons & Promo Codes

During Black Friday/Cyber Monday at JCPenney, look for deals on women’s boots, Air Fryers, cookware sets and small appliances

JCPenney offers deals on women’s boots that start out at a Black Friday price of $19.99 a pair, but by early December have been known to dip to as low as $11.24 with a 25%-off promo code that wasn’t available on Black Friday.

JCPenney Cyber Monday Sale

Plus, watch for Air Fryers and a number of small appliances on Black Friday for just $4.99 (after mail-in rebate), Cooks brand 10- and 12-piece cookware sets that reach 75% off, and KitchenAid 5-qt mixers for $279.99.

JCPenney.com may have better prices than in-store

JCPenney online shop and in-store prices typically coincide.

However, sometimes you’ll find "online-only" or "in-store-only" sales. If you’re shopping JCPenney for something in particular, make sure to check the site before going in store to see if you’re missing out on an online exclusive.

JCPenney Site Promotion

If an item is cheaper online and isn’t part of an exclusive sale, ask a store associate if they will match the price in store.

Use cash-back apps

There are several free apps out there that will provide you with money back when you buy select items at participating stores. A few customer favorites are Ebates, which often offers up to 6% cashback at JCPenney, and Ibotta, which often offers $5 back on a $25 purchase at JCPenney.

Ebates Cash-Back App for JCPenney

Take advantage of JCPenney’s price-matching policy

JCPenney has an awesome price-match policy. They will match any price in a local competitor ad! All you have to do is bring in the ad showing the lower price, and they will either match the price or refund the difference if the purchase was already made. JCPenney also has a Price Protection Policy that is valid for 7 days. In this case, if you buy something and then notice a price drop on the item within 7 days, you can request an adjustment as long as you still have your receipt.

Sign-up for the free JCPenney Rewards program

Signing up for the free JCPenney Rewards program is a no-brainer! It’s completely free, and it’s a way to get money back! For every dollar you spend at JCPenney, you receive one point. Then, after accruing a certain amount of points, you get a coupon for X-amount off any purchase, depending on the store. You also get bonus points for shopping on certain days, as well as access to members-only savings and exclusive coupons. Furthermore, you get shoe and bra perks, which allow you to get $15 off your next shoe or bra purchase when you buy four pairs of shoes or four bras within a 12-month period.

JCPenney Rewards

Take advantage of the free shipping

JCPenney offers two ways to receive free shipping. One is to spend over $99 to get free shipping directly to your home, and the other is to spend over $25 to get free shipping to your nearest JCPenney store. So if you don’t have enough to reach that $99 threshold, at least shoot for $25!

JCPenney Free Shipping

Purchase discounted JCPenney gift cards

There are several sites you can use to purchase discounted JCPenney gift cards. A great place to find discounted JCPenney gift cards is WhizWallet. At the time of this article, there are 390 gift cards available, and you can save up to 16.5% on your purchases.

JCPenney Gift Card

A few other shopper favorites are Raise and Gift Card Granny. Raise offers discounted JCPenney gift cards at an average savings of 20-24% off, and Gift Card Granny offers them at about 16% off. Either one is a win in our book, as you’re still not paying as much as you would be without a discounted gift card!

Sign-up for emails and text messages

Signing up for promotional emails and text messages is just another way to get additional savings alerts and coupons! Furthermore, consider adding your home address to the snail mail list for even more coupons! If you haven’t noticed by now, the savings at JCPenney are pretty much endless!

JCPenney inflates prices by up to 30% to make sales more appealing

JCPenney is known for over-inflating prices to promote sales when, in reality, "sale" prices are often near regular retail.

The regular retail price of this JanSport "Superbreak" backpack at JCPenney is $45, on "sale" for $35.99. The same one is regularly priced at $36 at Jansport.com and $35.99 at Macys.com.

Jansport vs JCPenney

Buy when an item reaches 80% off

Tags indicating 80% off can end in a 0, 7 or a 9.

Ask yourself, "Has this item reached 80% off?" If so, it’s an all-time-low price.

JCPenney Clearance

Clearance items are marked down in accordance with JCPenney’s corporate direction until they hit 80% off. From there, it’s solely up to the discretion of the store manager or pricing team to determine the price of the item.

JCPenney allows up to ten $10 Reward coupons per transaction.

There are three types of coupons you can use while shopping JCPenney. They are:

  • Rewards coupons – These coupons are available for JCPenney rewards members or cardholders, like a $10 reward for every 200 points you earn.
  • Free shipping coupons – Sometimes, JCPenney will release coupons for free shipping at a certain purchase threshold. Free shipping is typically available on orders over $99, otherwise.
  • Discount coupons – These are your typical dollar or percentage savings coupons available to everyone. Think 20% off your purchase, or $10 off a purchase of $10 or more.

Coupons will be applied in this order: discount → reward → free shipping.

Note that some stores will not allow a discount with a free shipping coupon. But you can always stack in these combinations so long as the discount doesn’t exceed the purchase price:

  • Discount + $10 Reward (up to 9)
  • (10) $10 Rewards
  • (9) $10 Rewards + Free shipping coupon

Out-of-stock items always ship to the store for free

Don’t see what you want in stock? Have an employee order and ship it to the store for free.

Just pick it up next time you’re at JCPenney shopping.

The first and third Friday of each month are the best days to find new markdowns

Schedule your JCPenney shopping trips for the end of the week. The stores roll out new markdowns on the first and third Friday of every month.

JCPenney New Markdowns

You’ll notice the biggest sales tend to start right before the weekend. That’s when you’ll see "Super Saturday" sales and doorbusters. Combine these sales with a $10 off $10 coupon to get the best deals.

The best items to buy at JCPenney include linens, jackets, bras and boots

The products we tend to see the most sales on while at JCPenney shopping, include linens (especially towels), jackets, bras and boots.

The worst brands to buy at JCPenney include Disney, Nike and Converse

Coupons cannot be applied to a long list of brands at JCPenney including Nike, Disney, Converse, Levi’s, Hunter Douglas, Le Creuset, Columbia and Sephora.

Nike Department at JCPenney

This kills almost any hopes of a great deal. You can find discounts on many of these brands when you shop stores like Kohl’s or shop directly from the retailer.

Yellow tags tell employees where new merchandise will go

Notice yellow or green tags sticking out of store signage?

This is simply a way for stockroom associates to keep track of new shipments coming in. A yellow tag tells employees where a new item will go. A green tag indicates an item is in need of new signage.

JCPenney Sale

To make room for new shipments, a product with a yellow strip will most likely be relocated to a clearance area, where it has a better chance of being marked down even lower.

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